Scientific information - would you have known this?
The hugest cancer risk is caused by the people's ignorance.

The most insidious, but always and everywhere existing cancer triggers for various types of cancer lurk in our air. They are radiating particles - so-called radionuclides. They are permanently released in large quantities by industrial plants.

The enormous problem: 

This process is known to the public and the authorities as RADIATION. That is true, but omits the most important aspect: WHERE does the radiation COME FROM?
It can only come from a radiation source. And these are exactly the radionuclides = radiating atoms

Radiation ALWAYS originates from radiating particles - so-called radionuclides! They are the GENERATORS of radiation. The radiation is always a CONSEQUENCE - no CAUSE! Because: there is no radiation WITHOUT a radiation source! Radiation CANNOT fly around alone! But the radiation sources do exactly THAT!

Accordingly, there is a huge difference between radiation and radiation source in relation to the risk of cancer for humans: Radiation from outside to the body is harmless - but the radiation source within the body is fatal!

When these radiation sources = radionuclides get into the body, this is called INCORPORATION. This happens by breathing air or food.

Alpha radiation and beta radiation are particle radiation = high-energy particles with a range of only a few meters.

This radiation is highly dangerous, but because of the short range it is hardly effective for humans as long as it remains outside the body in a certain distance.

Gamma radiation is an electromagnetic wave = no particles with a very long range up to many kilometers.

However, gamma radiation with its very long ranges is mostly rather harmless and can be used to detect radionuclides at a great distance very early. Gamma radiation is e.g. used for x-rays and occurs on intercontinental flights at high altitudes, the passenger receives e.g. the radiation dose of approx. 5 x-rays from space. It normally doesn't cause cancer.

In contrast, alpha radiation and beta radiation are highly dangerous particle radiation - i.e. matter - and act like high-energy bullets. Both have indeed very short ranges of a few meters in the air - BUT !:

However, if these particles get into the body with breathing air or food and are stored in the organs, their range is sufficient to permanently bombard the surrounding cells and tissue structures and destroy them. This causes cancer.

Cancer is NOT caused by external radiation - but by incorporated radionuclides.

This striking difference is shown in an example of radiating building rubble from nuclear power plant dismantling:


The radioactive radiation of radionuclides in this building rubble is not very dangerous in a distance of some few meters. That is why this building rubble is declared by the authorities as "harmless". But as this rubble is still radioactive -  there must be radioactive particles (= radionuclides) within the rubble in large quantities.


If these radionuclides - which are contained in huge quantities in this as "harmless" declared building rubble  - escape into the air and the environment by wind and weather, they can be incorporated by humans.

This is how the "unknown" cancer cases are generated.

The madness of Chernobyl
or Fukushima tourism:

People who visit these places get a Geiger counter that shows the weak gamma radiation, which is existing there. This is slightly lower than that of X-rays and therefore not very dangerous. But this radiation is the proof of the existence of vast quantities of radionuclides - this means presence of radiating particles en masse.
The deadly danger there has the following cause: the incredible amounts of radionuclides that "lie around" and "fly around" and then are inhaled bring the deadly risk of cancer - just a few years later.
These radionuclides are so small (atoms) that they are not kept away by any gas mask or DIY store respirator mask.
For us as physicists it is incomprehensible how people voluntarily go there.
Apparently people have no idea of the huge difference between external radiation and the highly dangerous radiation sources (radionuclides), entering their body.