Radionuclides are the most insidious cancer triggers! Absolutely invisible in the beautiful blue sky.

But they are lurking there -
ready to "infect" you.

Only a modern high-tech system can "see" them, detect them and warn you.
Then protection is easily possible for you .

Radionuclides occur suddenly anytime and everywhere, but unfortunately they are largely unknown. This is because we have no sense organ for them and cannot perceive them.
The big difference:
they are kind of mini "projectiles" - not radiation!

Radionuclides are particles and must not be confused with radioactive radiation or radioactivity. When they enter the body, they bombard cells and organs - the result is various types of cancer in different parts of the body.

Caution - these cancer triggers appear temporarily "like rain showers" 

These radionuclides occur temporarily as low-flying, completely invisible kind of clouds. They are spread by wind and weather. They can pass by quickly, but also settle down stationary. Both are detected immediately by our protection system with an alarm or all-clear signal. Because these cancer triggers appear just as sporadically and unpredictably "like rain showers" suddenly, the permanent scanning is so extremely important.

Important - no radiation, but particles:
extremely small, but extremely dangerous. 

They are unimaginably tiny particles (atoms) which permanently emit extremely dangerous energy impulses. From the small brown spot in the middle, per second 300,000 "projectiles" are emitted which are extremely destructive in living organisms. They can occur everywhere in our environment. These particles are not perceptible. We have no sense organ for it. Cancer - much later - shows, that they entered the body.

Radionuclides are dangerous particles, which are distributed in the air by wind and weather. In our country alone, a gigantic number of radionuclides escape from technical facilities alone during the normal operation: "pieces"

Every single radionuclide can become a cancer trigger.
These quantities are known and accepted by the authorities.

When ignorance has terrible consequences -
what nobody knows and why this cancer risk is so enormous:

Radionuclides generate two very different dangers:
1. their EXTERNAL radiation - mostly harmless
2. their INCORPORATION - mostly fatal
Danger 1 is generally known, is constantly reported and published.
Danger 2 is completely unknown, is not reported or published officially, but generates the most serious cancer. However, often coming up only after years. 
This glaring difference is illustrated by the following example of radioactive building rubble from dismantling of a nuclear power plant:


The radioactive radiation of radionuclides in this building rubble is not very dangerous in a distance of some few meters. That is why this building rubble is declared by the authorities as "harmless". But as this rubble is still radioactive - there must be radioactive particles (= radionuclides) within the rubble in large quantities.


If these radionuclides - which are contained in huge quantities in this as "harmless" declared building rubble  - escape into the air and the environment by wind and weather, they can be incorporated by humans.

This is how the "unknown" cancer cases are generated.

Why are we so completely left in the dark?

Although gigantic quantities of these dangerous radionuclides are constantly being released into the environment from various sources, this is kept quiet. This is easy because we have no way of perceiving this enormous threat.
We have no sense organ for it. 

We are running blindly into the cancer catastrophe - 500,000 people per year.