Shocking cancer diagnosis

Suddenly cancer breaks out
and nobody knows the cause.

Possible reason:
Longtime ago, radionuclides
were incorporated unnoticed.

Cancer comes up insidiously. For years you don't notice anything. 
Suddenly you get the terrible diagnosis.
Could that have been prevented? 

The CPA Cancer Protection Autosystem is a great help by
recognizing radionuclides at an early stage and warning against them.

Radionuclides -
how do they become dangerous for me and do cause cancer?

The answer is very simple: namely, if they get into the body. As long as they remain outside the body, their radiation is harmless. The disaster begins with the so-called incorporation of radionuclides.

Incorporation - what is that?

Here is the deadly danger - incorporation of radionuclides means:

These cancer-causing particles enter the body. They remain there in the organs. And there, cells and tissues are permanently "bombarded" with their destructive energy.

The body is reacting by forming cancer cells.

Attack of these cancer cells within the body

The body reacts to this massive attack on cells, genes and genetic material with the formation of cancer cells. Depending on the type (isotope) of the radionuclide, certain organs and body regions are affected. Different types of radionuclides (isotopes) are stored in the following parts of the body and cause damages there.

The tragedy

After incorporating radionuclides, you will not drop down dead. On the contrary - you feel nothing at all. But the cancer grows unnoticed and within years it will become visible. And nobody knows the cause then anymore - therefore radionuclides must not be incorporated.

Only avoiding can achieve that.

Example lung cancer

Does it come from toxins in cigarettes themselves or by inhaling radionuclides?

why do non-smokers get lung cancer?