the innovation in protection:


Everyone has a burglar-alarm.
But nobody has a cancer alarming system. 
But this is now available.
It protects your most valuable good -
your life and your health.

Modern science
protects your health 
and saves life.

- artificial intelligence
- cybernetics and
- bionics

offer completely new possibilities for the development of state-of-the-art cancer triggers detection and protection technologies.

The technology:

A high-tech scanning device
is permanently and automatically
scanning your entire environment.
The scan result is evaluated by
artificial intelligence and alarming
you immediately by your
mobile phone in case of danger.

A high-tech "protection-shield" -
new, innovativ, sustainable, life-threatening

Completely invisible, highly active and absolutely reliable, the CPA system permanently scans your entire living environment permanently without any operation.

Your mobile phone is alarming you immediately if there is any danger.
Then you can easily protect yourself.


In the very moment, the CPA system is detecting cancer triggers, it immediately alerts you by mobile phone with a corresponding warning message and advice on how you can to protect yourself.

The mobile phone - even if it is switched off - has no impact on the permanent function of the CPA system.

Further applications: sport stadiums, companies, warehouses, production facilities, holiday resorts,  hotels, venues, museums, agricultures, clinics, supermarkets, cruise ships, etc. etc. 

The CPA system - compontens and functions:


CPA sensor (bionics)
artificial sense organ
scanning permanently 360°


CPA ai elektronic unit
(artificial intelligence/cybernetics)
processing and evaluating 


mobile phone
real time alarming

The CPA system - no knowledge nor service required:

100 % reliability and security

The CPA system is permanently controlling itself with a built-in self-control function

Weakest particles (e.g. photons) coming from outer space are detected by the CPA system because of its high sensitivity. These particles are registered and optically and acoustically
indicated, i.e. a permanent, automatic function check of all components for 100 % reliability.

This means a maximum operational reliability
by permanent self-testing of the entire system.