Everyone has a burgler-alarm.
But nobody has a cancer-alarm.
But this is now available. 
It protects your greatest good.

Aim of R&D:
a protection system

To avoid this enormous threat from these cancer triggers,
the following countermeasures are required:

1. permanently monitoring the living environment.
2. recognizing the occurence of radionuclides.
3. warning immediatily if they occur.
4. alerting with a modern medium that everybody uses.

Therefore a protection system with an integrated alarm system is required.

Our scientists took on the task of developing such a protection system that is detecting these cancer triggers in the air, determing them qualitatively and warning immediately if they occur.

This new protection system should be able to be purchased and used by everyone privately and commercially.

The technology:

Development of a high-tech scanning device,
which is scanning the environment
permanently and automatically,
evaluating the result of the scan
by artificial intellingence (ai) and
alarming you by your mobile phone
in case of danger.

A super-guard was needed,
who takes on the following three tasks during 365 days and nights per year:




A worldwide new high-tech protection and alarming system was created by the combination of bionics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence (ai), called



CPA sensor (bionics)
artificial sense organ
scanning permanently 360°


CPA ai elektronic unit
(artificial intelligence)
processing and evaluating of the sensor perception (cybernetics)


mobile phone
real time alarming

The result:

Security and protection under a high-tech protection shield. A reliable, constantly fully armed protection and alarm system for everyone. Easily and quickly installed everywhere.

Threats are recognized immediately and reported via mobile phone. Then protection is possible with simple measures.

Further applications: sport stadiums, companies, warehouses, production facilities, holiday resorts,  hotels, venues, museums, agricultures, clinics, supermarkets, cruise ships, etc. etc. 

Your CPA system is always with you - "within" your mobile phone:

The CPA system - functions of the mobile phone

The mobile phone serves only as a display terminal for possible messages from the CPA system. The mobile phone does not influence any function of the CPA system. The CPA system is fully functional, even if the mobile phone is switched off.
The messages from the CPA system to the mobile phone are of telephone-sms type. Therefore, no internet connection, app, cloud or similar is requested.Neither your data can be collected or stored, because it does not appear in the internet.

Important automatically safety function by permanent self-testing of the complete CPA system

Weakest particles (e.g. photons) coming from outer space are detected by the CPA system because of its high sensitivity. These particles are registered and optically and acoustically 
indicated, i.e. a permanent check of the function of all components.

Highest reliability is guaranteed
by permanent self-testing of the entire system.

Avoiding an insidious cancer threat!

Even if this threat being enormous, individual protection can be performed easily.
This worldwide new hi-tech scanning device makes it possible. Modern hi-tech – you don't have to care about anything.

You can completely forget about your CPA system -
but your CPA system will NEVER forget YOU !