Breakthrough in cancer protection:
Artificial intelligence makes it possible now.
Protection from the most common cancer risk by early detection of invisible cancer triggers.

The daily threat of hidden cancer triggers (radionuclides)
that nobody knows:

Every day the incredible amount of

radionuclides escapes during normal operation of the nuclear industry into
the environment, spreading by wind and weather.

When ignorance has terrible consequences -
what nobody knows and why this cancer risk is so enormous:

Radionuclides generate two very different dangers:

1. their external radiation - mostly harmless
2. their incorporation - mostly fatal

Danger 1 is generally known, is constantly reported and published.
Danger 2 is completely unknown, is not reported or published by anyone, but generates the most serious cancer. However, often only after years coming up. 

This glaring difference is illustrated by the following example of radioactive building rubble from dismantling of a nuclear power plant:


The radioactive radiation of radionuclides in this building rubble is not very dangerous in a distance of some few meters. That is why this building rubble is declared by the authorities as "harmless". But as this rubble is still radioactive -  there must be radioactive particles (= radionuclides) within the rubble in large quantities.


If these radionuclides - which are contained in huge quantities in this as "harmless" declared building rubble  - escape into the air and the environment by wind and weather, they can be incorporated by humans. This is how the "unknown" cancer cases are generated.

Cancer brought by trucks

Radioactive dust (countless radionuclides) is spread
en masse in the air all over Europe: 

From now on and for coming decades gigantic quantities of radionuclides are released from demolition and dismantling of the nuclear power plants by millions of tons of building rubble by transporting right across Germany and Europe. So the "end" of nuclear power plants will be the start of their greatest threat for the population.

Climate crisis:
death from the ice

The climate change with its melting of the glaciers and the polar ice is now setting free
large quantities of radioactive substances of the nuclear tests and nuclear accidents into the environment, including the highly dangerous plutonium.