The revolution!
This mansion and its residents are protected from one of the most dangerous current cancer risks by a worldwide new high-tech protection system.

Detecting cancer causes -
before they cause harm.

A breakthrough by using artificial intelligence, bionics and cybernetics.
A new protection and warning system.

Ulrich Schaefer, physicist

Mostly unknown:
The biggest and most insidious cancer threat is anywhere and anytime present, imperceptible and nobody informs about it. These are cancer causes (radiating particles) that can appear anytime, anywhere. Mostly in the air. We humans are unable to detect them. The resulting cancer is not specific, affecting all organs - the whole body.

Suddenly people get cancer.
And they don't know why.
Could they have avoided it?

Yes – in many cases.
By an early detection and protection
from one of the most insidious cancer risks.

A kind of „protection shield“ from this cancer threat might be a solution.

This is exactly what our research and development acitivities were aimed at:

- permanently monitoring the living environment
- immediate detection of the specific danger
- immediate alert

It is developed, manufactured and exclusively sold by us. It is available for everyone and can be installed quickly and easily in any building (or other location). The costumer's mobile phone is used for alerting.

This technology is absolutely new, the problem highly complex and the subject "deadly"-serious.
Please take your time to study the four main aspects of this vital product:

New protection system

What causes cancer?

What happens in the body?

Where is the threat?

Mr. Ulrich Schaefer, physicist - founder and CEO
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