The revolution !
Living with permanent cancer protection

All residents of this property are protected from one of the most dangerous current cancer risks by a worldwide new
high-tech protection system.

Working with permanent cancer protection !

This company is also protected from one of the most dangerous current cancer risks by a worldwide new  high-tech protection system: the entire building with all its employees, customers, visitors, guests and products.

What cancer risks ?

It is about the many cancer outbreaks that suddenly appear completely unexpected and with completely unexplainable causes - that do not come from food, behavior, smoking, inheritance or the other usual triggers.

The fiercest, most insidious and also unfortunately least known threat:

  • is anywhere and anytime present
  • occurs sporadically (also weather depending)
  • is imperceptible
  • nobody informs us about it
  • these are cancer triggers in the air
  • they must not enter the body
  • because they cause different cancers in the whole body

Suddenly people get cancer.
And they don't know why.
Could they have avoided it?

Yes – in many cases.
By means of an early detection,
protection from one of the most
insidious cancer risks is achieved.

Now you can quickly and easily protect yourself from this cancer risk.

Once the threat is recognized, simple measures will protect you.

We offer now the revolutionary solution:
detecting cancer causes -
BEFORE they cause harm.

A breakthrough by using artificial intelligence, bionics and cybernetics.
A new protection and warning system.
Easy and quick to be installed anywhere.

Ulrich Schaefer, physicist

A  high-tech „protection shield“ against this cancer threat is the solution.

- permanently monitoring the living environment
- immediate detection of the danger
- immediate alert by mobile phone

See the functional principle of the

environment scanning

artificial intelligence

alarming by
mobile phone

The CPA CANCER PROTECTION AUTOSYSTEM is worldwide new and unique. It is developed, manufactured and exclusively sold by us. It is available for everyone and can be installed quickly and easily in any building (or other location). The costumer's mobile phone is used for alerting.

This technology is absolutely new, the problem highly complex and the subject "deadly"-serious.
Please take your time to study the four main aspects of this vital product:

New protection system

What causes cancer?

What happens in the body?

Where is the threat?

Buy the CPA system:

Please request a quote for your CPA system from us.
The product is available from stock.
The CPA system is installed and programmed for your mobile phone numbers within one day.
Thus, optimal protection is immediately available for you.

Mr. Ulrich Schaefer, physicist - founder and CEO

A group of scientists of different disciplines has been researching and developing completely independently in the fields artificial intelligence, bionics, cybernetics and automation to improve the conditions of human living.


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