Cancer is creeping up silently.
For years you don't notice anything.
Suddenly you get the terrible diagnosis.
Could that have been prevented?
Artificial intelligence can now help a lot by recognizing radionuclides early and warning about them.

So radionuclides are highly dangerous cancer triggers. 

Why are they so extremely dangerous?
1. they are always anytime and everywhere
2. they are not recognizable
3. nobody warns of them

Radionuclides -
how do they become dangerous for me and causes cancer?

The answer is very simple: namely, if they get into the body. As long as they remain outside the body, their radiation is harmless. The disaster begins with the so-called incorporation of radionuclides.

Incorporation - what is that?

Here is the deadly danger - incorporation of radionuclides means:

These cancer-causing particles enter the body with breathing air and food. They remain here in the organs. And there, cells and tissues are permanently "bombarded" with their destructive energy. The body is reacting by forming cancer cells.

Attack of these cancer cells within the body

The body reacts to this massive attack on cells, genes and genetic material with the formation of cancer cells. Depending on the type (isotope) of the radionuclide, certain organs and body regions are affected. Different types of radionuclides (isotopes) are stored in the following parts of the body and cause damages there.


Radionuclides cause terrible damages within the body that only come to light when it is too late. 

Cancer often occurs years later when no one can find out the cause anymore. Therefore, such cancer diagnoses are coming unexpectedly and "without any reason" out of the blue.

Why does nobody know that?

Although gigantic amounts of radionuclides are continuously released into the environment, this is not reported. It is possible because we have no way of perceiving this enormous threat. We are lacking a sense organ for this -

running blindly into disaster.