NEW: an alarm system (!) against cancer
or rather its insidious cancer triggers in the everyday environment.
For easy installation in every house, office, company building.
High-tech physics makes it possible now.

Question & Answer:

Q: A "burglar alarm" against cancer?
A: Yes - no problem at all anymore!
Q: Something like a smoke detector?
A: Yes - but a bit more high-tech - logical!
Q: How should I imagine this?
A: See video above for full explanation
or directly here:


Cancer ... suddenly pops up !

Out of the blue - no one knows where it comes from or why it occurs. None of the usual cancer causes are responsible.
Something completely unknown must have happened.

But what happend?


Cancer... does not pop out of the blue!

It always needs a trigger !

Warding off now one of the most dangerous and omnipresent triggers with modern technology.

Fending off cancer risks - might that be even possible?

Yes - but you need to get aware off cancer triggers, BEFORE they do any harm.
This is what it's all about here.

Where is the most insidious cancer threat lurking?

Awful - the many cancer diagnoses that suddenly appear out of the blue completely inexplicable -
not caused by food, behavior, smoking, heredity or by the other usual triggers.


Who are these cancer triggers ?

The science and medicine name them radionuclides (highly active, radiating particles). They are extremely small - i.e. atoms or molecules - completely invisible and imperceptible for humans.

But this has nothing to do with external radioactive radiation!


Caution - these cancer triggers appear temporarily "like rain showers" 

These radionuclides occur temporarily as low-flying, completely invisible clouds. They are spread by wind and weather. They can pass by quickly, but also settle down stationary. Because these cancer triggers appear just as sporadically and unpredictably "like rain showers" suddenly, a permanent scanning technology would be extremely important.


The sheer horror

Incorporation of radionuclides - the entering into the body - often causes cancer diseases and even death. However, the outbreak of the disease often occurs month or years after the "infection". Then no one can remember its origin. 

These are the many inexplicable cancer diagnoses out of the blue. 


Why are we so completely left in the dark?

Although gigantic quantities of these dangerous radionuclides are constantly being released into the environment from various sources, this is kept secret. This is so easy because we have no way of detecting this enormous threat.
We have no sense organ for it.

We are running blindly into the cancer catastrophe - 500,000 people per year.


The big problem

Who will warn you ? ... NOBODY.
Who will protect you ? … NOBODY.
Who will help you ? … NOBODY.

You need to help yourself !


But you cannot simply help yourself -
until now!

Because these cancer triggers are just not perceptible.
They cannot be seen, smelled, heard, tasted or felt.
But they are suddenly there.
Only a physical high-tech system can detect them. And only then you can be warned and protect yourself.

And this is exactly the technology you get from us - the:

A task for physicists:

A group of scientists has solved the problem of recognizing these cancer triggers (radionuclides) in the living environment when they occur and warn against them. A protection system has been developed that is suitable for everyone, both privately and industrially.

This new CPA CANCER PROTECTION AUTOSYSTEM is offered under this logo:


The system components for a quick and easy installation into any building

CPA cancer triggers scanner
(artificial sense organ)
mounted outside 

CPA electronic-unit
(artificial intelligence)
mounted inside



In the very moment, the CPA system is detecting cancer triggers, it will immediately alert you by mobile phone with a corresponding warning message. Auxiliary alarm devices can be connected.
The mobile phone - even if it is switched off - has no impact on the permanent function of the CPA system.

At an alarm, you can protect yourself with simple behavioral measures. 

living and working with permanent protection !

The CPA system can be easily installed into any building. All people who live and work either in residential buildings or in company buildings can be effectively protected.

A high-tech "protection shield" - 
new, innovative, sustainable, life-saving

Completely invisible, highly active and absolutely reliable, 
stretched over your entire company.

CPA system - protected home

CPA system - protected company

Easy use - no knowledge required
The CPA system -
a really FULLY AUTOMATIC protection system.
You need nothing to know, nothing to learn & nothing to operate.
You can completely forget about your CPA system.

But it will NEVER forget YOU !

Can there be any reason not to use this protection?

Please do not hesitate to put your questions to all aspects of this important theme. And we will be pleased to offer you your individual solution.

Certified quality

The CPA system is tested and evaluated very well by the worldwide leading institution  for nuclear research - CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
 4 x interesting background informations:

Mr. Ulrich Schaefer, physicist - founder and CEO

A group of scientists of different disciplines has been researching and developing completely independently in the fields artificial intelligence, bionics, cybernetics and automation to improve the conditions of human living.


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